Trenchless Pipe Repair

Repairs done right

Certified Perma-Liner™ Installer

As a Certified Perma-Liner™ Installer, Ed Phillips Plumbing is a trained expert on pipe lining materials, methods and techniques to ensure a successful, permanent solution.

We eliminate the need to excavate and replace the old sewer as was traditionally the case. Instead, the old pipe is lined, creating a brand new pipe within the old one.

When pipes fail they can leave entire buildings without water and sanitary sewer service for days. Before trenchless lining technology, these repairs would require expensive excavation and serious structural and infrastructure repairs that could last months. The PERMA-LATERAL™ system is the solution to failing pipelines without expensive excavation.

- Repairs cracked or broken pipes without extensive excavation
- Eliminates roots and infiltration
- Bridges missing pipe sections and stand alone repair

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